Big Brother 2012 – Day 3 – Impending eviction, Spin-the-Bottle, and Lydia & Victoria fall out!

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Friday 8 June 2012
Big Brother 2012 – Day 3 – Impending eviction, Spin-the-Bottle, and Lydia & Victoria fall out!

Recap of day 3 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Friday 8 June 2012.

The hot topic of conversation in the house is the impending eviction. Some of the girls are in the garden. “I think Lydia will go,” Lauren muses and Shievonne says that it might be Victoria. Lauren also agrees and tells them that she struggles to talk to her. “And I haven’t found myself like that with anyone else,” she adds.

Victoria and Lydia are talking about Deana nominating them for eviction and Victoria becomes upset. “You’ve been holding it in,” Lydia reassures her.
Big Brother has called Conor to the diary room and asks what the mood is like in the house. Conor says that he isn’t sure about his fellow housemates but he personally has “perked up” since being nominated on the first night. He claims that he doesn’t care if Victoria leaves as she doesn’t want to be there.

Some of the housemates are using their time to relax and get better acquainted. Ashleigh and Arron are lying end to end in the bathtub, massaging each others feet. Luke S is bench pressing and power lifting Lauren in the living area. His muscles are bulging out as Lauren giggles uncontrollably.

Over the last few days, Luke A has revealed to most of his fellow housemates that he was born female. Today, Arron is the final person to find out. “No way, that’s exciting,” Arron tells him and adds that the way the world is “nothing’s strange anymore.” Luke A explains that this is the reason he may not have been more open on their first night in the house. On realising that he is the last housemate in the house to find out, Arron jokes: “I should have been the first to know,” and they share a hug.

Victoria is in the diary room. She tells Big Brother that she is acting “differently” to how she does in the outside world. She confesses to normally being the “life and soul” of the party adding: “I’m certainly not being that here.” She tells Big Brother that Arron, Lydia and Shievonne are the housemates she likes more than the others.

Victoria leaves the dairy room and joins the housemates for lunch. Victoria is unhappy with the food that has been shared out for her and says that is it from last night. “Yeah but it’s been in the fridge,” Lydia explains. Victoria returns the salad to the fridge and sits at the table. Lydia finishes her meal and leaves. Adam tells Victoria that Lydia thought the meal wasn’t sufficient hence using the left over salad. Victoria reassures them that she is okay and says that she wasn’t hungry anyway, but looks distant. “I can’t f**king deal with this,” Victoria exclaims and walks off into the bedroom and gets into bed.

Big Brother has provided the housemates with a game of Spin-the-Bottle. Adam tells Lydia to give Victoria a lap dance during Truth or Dare and she does. The housemates cheer. Luke A is asked to name the worst thing about the person to his left. Adam is to his left. “The worst things is you’re too f***king cool for school man.” Arron gets the question ‘which housemate do you fancy most?’ He confesses that it is Sara adding: “I couldn’t even speak to you for two days!” Sara giggles and goes over and hugs him. “You are beautiful,” he adds.

When asked to ‘perform a party trick’ Benedict walks over and straddles Victoria then snogs her. ‘The worst thing about the person to your left’ is next. “It’s those bloody evil eyes again!” Lauren jokes about Victoria. As a dare, Ashleigh snogs Benedict and Victoria looks annoyed. Next, ‘one housemate must remove one item of clothing,’ and Ashleigh removes her top then pulls down her trousers and booty-shakes for her housemates. Arron is asked who he would snog, marry and evict and chooses Lauren and Sara and then pauses. “Who would you evict?” Victoria asks. “I’d evict you,” he quips. “There you go!” Victoria retorts.

It’s been 11 minutes since Arron chose to evict Victoria during the game of Spin-the-Bottle. She tells her fellow housemates that she thinks she is definitely leaving and will say that most of the house are “f**king d**kheads”. She adds that she does not like “fake people.” In the bathroom, Chris is fueling the fire. Arron says that he was just being honest and Chris tells him that Victoria will probably give him an ear bashing later.

Luke A, Sara and Deana are talking about Luke A’s wife. “I don’t know what I’d do without her,” he tells them. Deana says its “rare” to find someone and they all agree that he is lucky. He confesses that he hasn’t been able to cry for ages but felt close to doing so when he went in to the diary room after revealing his secret to his housemates. Sara tells him that she would like to find love and tells him that what he has with his wife is “amazing.”

Relationships are also blossoming in the living area. Lauren is sitting on Luke S’ lap. She mentions that she is more of a tomboy and gets bored with conversations about “make-up, boys…” She admits to Arron and Luke S that girls don’t normally like her but is making a “conscious effort” with the other girls in the house. She says that she is getting on well with everyone “apart from Victoria, who keeps giving me evils.”

Lydia and Deana are talking about Victoria in the kitchen. Victoria is in the bed and the lights are off. Arron tells her: “You don’t have to be mad anymore, you’ve changed.” “I just think you’re a bit of a twat that’s all!” she quips then takes off her bra. “Tonight I’m going to sleep topless,” she laughs. “I need all the votes I can get.” Arron tells her that he has always made an effort with her but was speaking the truth when he said he would evict her during their game.

Victoria says that she can’t wait to leave the house to watch the show at home. “There’s going to be some serious carnage,” she remarks. Arron quips: “The house will be more fun as soon as we get rid of people like yourself!” and claims that Victoria puts a “downer” on things. “Okay cool,” Victoria adds and lies in silence. Conor goes into the kitchen and relays the bedroom conversation to Lydia and Deana. “If she doesn’t go on Friday I’ll be f**ked off, I’d be snapping!” he rants. In the bedroom, Victoria lies in the dark crying.

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