Big Brother 2012 – Day 27 – Highlights

Big Brother 2012 – Day 27 – Highlights

Recap of day 27 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Monday 2 July 2012.


Last night Luke S fell out with Deana. Shievonne and Rebecca are in the bathroom talking about the money; Shievonne says that she has heard some of her fellow housemates discussing the prize money. Rebecca agrees and sighs: “Winning it and what they would do with it.” Shievonne tells her that she feels “blessed” to still be in the house adding: “I’m just glad that every bloody Tuesday, I survive, that’s it.”

Ashleigh is in the kitchen cooking. Luke S hugs her from behind and Ashleigh comments: “You haven’t said hello to me today.” He continues to hug her as Deana walks past on her way to the diary room. In the diary Deana relays the argument she had last night with Luke S. She says that he deliberately asks her questions that will make her look bad in front of the cameras. “He’s trying to imply I’m some sort of money grabber or gold digger,” she adds. Deana claims that Luke S is more focussed on money. She says that he is trying to earn money from his “fake relationship,” through magazine deals, “Or to get his wedding paid for.” “If someone is trying to put me down I’m not gonna leave it,” she ends.


Luke S is at the bedroom mirrors discussing hair extensions with Sara and Ashleigh. Deana is also at the mirrors brushing her hair and remains silent while the other housemates converse. In the garden Scott tells Rebecca that Luke S is questioning the girls. “It’s just so he can get talking to people,” quips Rebecca and Scott muses that Luke S may actually be interested in the subjects that he asks about. Scott says that it was unfair for Luke S to “have a go” at Deana adding: “He’s the one that really wants money.” They both agree that they would both prefer to receive the cash rather than spend lots of money on a wedding.

Luke S has come to the diary room. “Deana’s annoying me, and Scott is annoying me a little bit,” he bemoans. He mentions his “confrontation” with Deana and says that Scott should have relayed what Deana had said about him. “It was like he was scared of stirring stuff,” he adds. “If a policeman arrests someone, he needs to interview numerous people to make sure the story fits,” he quips. Luke S tells Big Brother that he needs to “fill in a few blanks,” regarding Deana’s actual comments about his relationship with Ashleigh. He admits that he always nominates Deana because he believes she is “acting” and “doing stuff for the cameras.” Luke S claims that Ashleigh also thinks this about Deana.


Adam, Scott, Arron and Conor are in the garden discussing the house statue. Scott has named the statue Theo. “Theo, I don’t f**king think so. He’s been called Sebastian since we’ve been in the house,” Arron shouts and warns Scott that if he continues to call it Theo, “I’ll steal him; I’ll steal him and break him.” “I’ll break you,” Scott retorts. Adam says that neither housemate is “man enough” to break anything. Arron smirks as he tells the housemates that he won’t break any rules “in broad daylight.” Scott quips: “Like sticking stuff in my mouth.” “What, you seriously think that was me?” Arron yells referring to a prank that was played on Scott during the early hours. Scott reveals that Rebecca had pointed the finger at him and Arron retorts: “Rebecca talks a load of s**t!” as Scott returns to the house. “What did you do?” asks Adam. Arron smiles while confessing; “I put chilli powder in his mouth this morning!”

Some of the girls are in the bedroom talking about Arron. Lauren says that he is a “compulsive liar,” but says that it’s normal for boys of his age to lie. Scott comes into the bedroom and relays his recent statue naming woes with Arron. “He just wants to be a little rebel,” he adds.


Ashleigh and Luke S discuss their future holiday destinations. For the past week Arron and Sara have been trying to work out where they stand with each other. Arron finally makes a move and asks her: “Are you hiding some feelings or emotions, or are you just as confused as me?” Sara explains that she is confused by conflicting things that fellow housemates have told her about him: “I can’t be bothered with games,” she admits. Arron tells her that he was initially intimidated by Sara and finds her attractive, but isn’t sure if she feels the same way about him. Arron says that he doesn’t want “to look a fool on national television,” and Sara tells him that she wouldn’t do that to him. Arron explains that being in the house is an “awkward environment” to be in when trying to start a relationship. Sara goes to leave the bedroom but assures him that he can approach her whenever he wants to. Arron says that her leaving the room is another example of Sara avoiding the subject. They agree to chat later and as they leave the bedroom Arron give her a quick peck.


Adam has been called to the diary room. Big Brother tells him about a secret task that will be played on Shievonne. Big Brother tells him that Shievonne will be called to the diary room. During her time away Adam reveals the task to his fellow housemates. He quickly gathers all of the housemates and reads out Big Brother’s instructions. In order to pass the task, each housemate must convince Shievonne that they have received a task so terrifying that it will deter Shievonne from taking part. Shievonne’s refusal to face her part of the task will mean that housemates have won the task.


Ashleigh is called to the diary room for her part in today’s task and receives a gunge makeover. Conor laughs hysterically as Ashleigh returns to the house feigning distress. Shievonne and most of the other housemates usher her into the shower as she explains that Big Brother is making housemates face their “biggest fear.” Shievonne goes off to fetch a clean towel and Ashleigh asks housemates if she is convincing. They agree that she is. Shievonne returns to the bathroom and Rebecca questions: “What about clowns for you Shiv?” “Oh my God, if they put clowns in there I’m not even accepting it,” she replies.


Shievonne is flapping in the kitchen trying to avoid a fly. Conor tells her that a clown will be much worse than a fly. She tells housemates that her fear of clowns began at aged five when she had a McDonald’s party. Rebecca is next into the diary room and receives and Under the Sea makeover. She too convinces Shievonne that she is upset. Deana receives her makeover to look as though she has been attacked by birds; Arron sports the explosion look while Scott’s special look is mud. Housemates try not to giggle at Shievonne’s maternal reaction. Caroline feigns distress and flops onto the sofa following her paintball makeover as Shievonne fusses around her. Luke S is then covered in gaffer tape which causes him to slide off the diary room chair. Big Brother calls to Conor for assistance and the housemates mock concern. Ashleigh tells Shievonne that it’s all too much adding: “You’ve got your (fear of) clowns and your snakes.” “I’m not going in there!” Shievonne exclaims.


Shievonne is worrying about today’s task in the garden with Ashleigh. “I’m going to bed early, f**k yourselves!” She tells housemates that the aftermath of her facing a clown would be terrible for her fellow housemates. “If there is a clown in there he better be padded up,” she warns. Big Brother calls Shievonne to the diary room. “I’m not going in there!” she says and Ashleigh tells her not to risk it. Big Brother calls Shievonne a second time. “I’ll go in and see what’s in there,” she muses but Ashleigh tells her that they will all understand if she doesn’t. Sara says, “It will definitely be clowns” and Ashleigh asks, “Why risk it!” Big Brother calls for third time and asks Shievonne if she is refusing to come to the diary room. She says that she is. Adam warns her that nobody can take care of her the way that she takes care of other housemates. Big Brother announces “Congratulations Shievonne” and explains that her refusal to come to the diary room means that housemates have passed the task. They all cheer and hug. “I don’t trust none of you lot, I’m so gullible” Shievonne exclaims looking shocked but happy. “You care so much its f**king touching,” adds Arron.


Sara and Arron are flirting. He claims that although she is in a bad mood she still looks “pretty.” Rebecca is in the pool with Luke A and Scott, reacting to the acting in the house. Scott says that there is a lot of singing and dancing in the house. “Sunday funday!” jokes Luke A as they imply that some of their housemates are making an effort prior to tomorrow’s nominations.


Lauren is running low on cigarettes and Deana tells her that she has seen a different side to her. “You’re a completely different person,” she says. Lauren mentions that she gave her cigarettes out “willy-nilly” to some of the housemates but they haven’t returned the favour. Some of the housemate are in the bedroom and can hear Lauren’s comments in the garden. “She’s such a spoilt little brat,” spits Ashleigh. In the garden, Lauren mock bashes her head on the sofa in frustration then laughs along with Adam and Luke A who decides to head into the bedroom for advice on his own cravings. In the bedroom Luke A asks if anyone has any nicotine gum that he could have. Lauren follows him and tells housemates that she can share part of the two cigarettes that she has left. They all thank her but refuse.


Conor is in the diary room. He admits to Big Brother that he’s finding it hard to be away from his girlfriend. He reveals that he normally “bottles things up” but is unsure why he keeps his feelings at bay. He begins to tell Big Brother how much his girlfriend means to him then bows his head. “The big man image has just disappeared,” he muses and is clearly upset. In the bedroom Scott tells Caroline that Conor will influence the forthcoming nominations. “You’ve not spoken to me in three days and now you’re worried that Conor is going to manipulate me!” she bemoans. Scott tells Caroline that he doesn’t know what she is talking about and is clearly bemused. Caroline says that Scott doesn’t realise how he is being towards her. He tells her that her claims about not speaking to her are ridiculous, “I could say its mutual then,” he retorts.

Scott walks over to Rebecca and discretely asks her if she will come to the bathroom with him. In the bathroom Scott tells Rebecca what Caroline had said and is clearly upset. “She’s acting like a child,” he adds. Rebecca says that everyone thinks Conor is “this amazing specimen,” which he isn’t. Scott tells her that he is reminded of the people “back in Mobley who get into cliques” and freeze people out.


Conor and Arron are giving themselves a secret task. Lauren, Luke A and Adam are in the garden talking about Conon and Arron. The mischievous pair in question has given themselves a secret task; they get the house statue from the bedroom, take it into the bathroom and mess about with it.

In the bedroom, Scott leans over to Caroline and quips about Conor and Arron: “The public will just adore it, its brain dead really, absolutely brain dead.”

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