Big Brother 2012 – Day 21 – Nominations take place; Deana Uppal & Lydia Louisa face eviction!

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Wednesday 27 June 2012
Big Brother 2012 – Day 21 – Nominations take place; Deana Uppal & Lydia Louisa face eviction!

Recap of day 21 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Tuesday 26 June 2012.

It’s nomination day. For the first 16 days nominations were the talk of the house, until Big Brother went changed the rules. Today is the first time housemates will nominate without being able to directly influence each other.

In the diary room, Caroline describes to Big Brother how the other housemates suddenly perk up around nomination day and are a lot more helpful in order to save themselves from being put up for eviction. Caroline also makes jokes about Deana, but admits that she would miss her if Deana was evicted.

Luke A and Adam remark that Caroline is two-faced after going from one group to another, and suggests it is due to the impending nominations. Lydia and Caroline talk about their friends in the house and Lydia claims she has no friends. Lydia also brings up yesterday’s food task and how she was getting taunted by Conor whilst eating her custard.

Lydia is the first housemate to nominate and picks Conor and ex-bed mate Shievonne. Next up is Conor who nominates Deana and Lydia. Sara is the next housemate to enter the diary room and chooses Luke A and Luke S; Luke S nominates Lydia and Deana, as does Rebecca.

Sara and Caroline are chatting about their time on Big Brother. Caroline admits to having, “The best time ever!” and they both agree that they are lucky to be in the house. Lauren and Lydia are having an update in the garden. Lydia confesses that she was “p***ed off” by some of the comments directed at her during yesterday’s eating task. In the living area, Caroline tells Sara that she has a plan to get her more airtime and mentions Arron then adds, “He lacks sex appeal.” Rebecca overhears and asks: “Does Sara fancy Arron?” “Stop all this!” Sara pleas. “I do think you’d make good looking children.” Rebecca adds.

Shievonne is the next into the diary room and nominates Scott and Adam; Luke A nominates Luke S and Caroline; Adam nominates Caroline and Shievonne. Next up is Ashleigh who chooses Lauren and Lydia. Scott is next into the diary room and decides to nominate Lydia and Adam.

The sun is shining on the housemates and Rebecca is making the most of it as Scott applies sun cream to her legs. Adam and Lydia are talking over lunch. She tells him that when she is in the diary room “I’ll tell the public to save me.” She mentions that he must be coping in the house. “You’ve been in prison with murderers,” she exclaims and Adam smiles. Lydia continues, “I’ve been in a hip hop crew, I get along with people who are rough around the edges.” She singles out Scott and Caroline as the two housemates that would find it difficult to mix with different types of people.

Caroline is sharing her hopes for the future with Scott. She reveals that when she “falls in love” she would like to visit romantic cities like Rome and Paris, “With someone who genuinely likes me.” Scott tells her that he would be very “annoyed” if this were to happen, “I’d lose my friend,” he adds.

There are only four housemates left to cast their nominations. At this point, all 14 housemates could face the public vote. Lauren is the eleventh housemate to nominate and she chooses Deana and Luke S; Deana nominates Luke S and Conor, Arron is next into the diary room and nominates Lydia and Deana and finally Caroline nominates Adam and Luke A.

The result of the nominations means that housemate Lydia and Deana will face the public vote with 6 and 5 votes respectively.

Luke A is alone in the kitchen, making a wrap. The other housemates are at the dining table. Lydia asks Arron why he isn’t sitting in his usual seat. “What difference does it make where I sit?” Arron retorts. Lydia says that she was simply making an observation. Arron moans to Conor about Lydia’s question and brands her a “f**king weirdo.” Lydia tells housemates that she will ignore Arron’s tirade.

Earlier at dinner, Arron branded Lydia a “f***king weirdo.” Lydia is in the garden with Lauren, Adam and Luke A. She explains that she was only trying to make conversation with Arron before his outburst. “He wants to look like a The Big I Am,” she quips but adds that he is a “little p***y” for picking on a girl. Some of the housemates are in the living area and Caroline draws their attention to the “interesting conversations” that the housemates appear to be having in the garden. “They look like they are about to commit suicide,” she laughs. The conversation turns to the identity of Lydia’s boyfriend. Scott tells housemates “It’s Andy something.” “Andy Peters,” shouts Conor and some of the housemates ask who he is. “He’s from CBeebies,” Conor replies.

Ashleigh is bitching about Lauren and exclaims: “She’s doing my brain in!” Some of the boys are in the bathroom, talking about the girls. Arron says that he gets annoyed when Sara involves herself in debates that people are having. “On the flip side she’s deep, and I find that cute,” he says, adding: “But there’s obviously no chemistry, she’s a difficult one.” He mentions that Lydia has tried to be friends with everyone. And Conor adds: “I can’t stand to see Deana playing up to the cameras.” Arron adds, “Bex was accepted by the group early on, that’s why Deana hates her.”

Big Brother has gathered housemates on the sofas for the results of this week’s nominations. When Deana and Lydia’s names are announced Deana quips, “Surprise surprise,” as Lydia sits in silence. “Good luck girls,” Arron comments as Deana retorts, “You got what you wanted.”

Conor is in the diary room reflecting. Last night he lost his temper and made some unacceptable comments about Deana. He apologises for his remarks. Luke A and Lydia are at the diary room door. Lydia comments: “I haven’t done anything to these people,” and is unsure why some of the housemates are against her. Deana is in the kitchen. She tells Sara that she doesn’t want to “bitch” anymore adding: “I can’t go in the garden because the boys don’t like me.” “That’s not true,” disputes Sara. Lydia is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about her fellow housemates. She says that she has never had a problem with her housemates but is now “dealing with bullies.” She relays Arron’s dining table comments adding: “He picked on me for starting a conversation!” Lydia claims that some housemates now behave differently towards her, after hearing her name being chanted by the audience during last Friday’s eviction. She tells Big Brother that the housemates should be working as a team instead of facing anger from “males towards females.”

Arron is lying on his bed and tells some of the housemates that although he has “upset a few people” most of it has been “harmless banter.” Deana tells him that some of his comments have been harmful and Arron takes offence and shouts at her. “Don’t f**k with me Arron!” warns Deana and tells Arron that she spoke to him in a rational tone so he should do the same. Arron storms out of the room. Deana tells housemates that she will tell Luke S that Arron knew about the curry powder prank that ex-housemate Benedict had played on Luke S. Deana goes into the garden and relays the bedroom argument to Adam and Luke A. She implies that she will tell Luke S that Arron knew about the prank. Arron is in the bathroom, also relaying the bedroom argument. Rebecca enters the bathroom and tells Luke S that Deana would like him to come into the garden.

Luke S comes into the garden and Deana asks him if Arron had confessed to being in on Benedict’s prank. “Yeah, he told me,” says Luke S and heads back into the house.

Deana comes to the diary room. She tells Big Brother that she is not surprised by the nomination results. “They (housemates) already decided that me and Lydia would be up,” she added “What they wanted has happened.”

In the bedroom, Arron broaches the “situation with the protein powder” with Luke S. He says that he was told after the fact when “the damage had already been done.” Conor joins them in the bedroom and says that he is friends with everyone, “With the exception of two people.” He says that he will not interact with people that he doesn’t like and Arron says that he is not afraid to confront his fellow housemates.

Lydia is finding something positive about being nominated. “I’ve got something to focus on, I don’t mind either way, 100%” she comments. Some of the housemates are in the bedroom. Conor calls across the bedroom to Ashleigh who obviously has something on her mind. He follows her out to the bathroom. Some of the housemates are in the living room and notice their two housemates heading for the bathroom and comment that Ashleigh and Conor have “chemistry.”

In the bathroom Ashleigh tells Conor that she is unsure about her relationship with Luke S. “I’m closer to you than I am with him,” Conor tells her and says that she must not change who she is. Ashleigh confesses: “I didn’t wanna get into a relationship, it’s only been f**king three weeks.” She tells Conor that she wants to go back to her own bed and says that Luke S “overshadows” her. Conor listens and tries to cheer her up as Ashleigh tells him that she told Luke S that he made her feel “thick.” “He and Lauren are like a married couple,” Ashleigh quips. In the living area, Lydia comments that Ashleigh has a “boyfriend” and is now in the bathroom with Conor “like an old married couple.”

In the bathroom Ashleigh bemoans: “I don’t think me and Luke Are on the same page,” adding: “I’m not sure if it will work.” They both agree that Luke S is “lovely.” “Any girl would be lucky to have him,” muses Ashleigh.

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