Big Brother 2012 – Day 20 – Deana argues with Arron & Conor over Confusing Cuisine task

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Tuesday 26 June 2012
Big Brother 2012 – Day 20 – Deana argues with Arron & Conor over Confusing Cuisine task

Recap of day 20 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Monday 25 June 2012.


All of the chairs in the Big Brother house have been confiscated. Housemates were punished following ex-housemates Benedict’s rule break. For the past 19 nights, Lydia and Shievonne have been bed-buddies but now Lydia is on the move. “Time to fly the nest,” she comments. Some of the housemates are talking about Adam. Caroline tells them that she feels “uncomfortable” when Adam talks about sex.


It has been 1 hour and 55 minutes since Lydia moved to a new bed and tells Shievonne, “It means I won’t keep waking you up in the night.” Some of the housemates are talking about fertility. Ashleigh jokes to Arron that Deana would like him to be her sperm donor.

Some of the housemates are in the bedroom. Lydia tells them that some of their fellow housemates are “desperate to win,” the show. Deana says that she doesn’t want to go into the living area as some of the housemates are talking about her. “They make people feel like s**t!” Lauren tells them and Lydia confesses that the “worst thing” she has done in the house is to make “comments about people,” while in the diary room. They all joke about how horrible Lydia’s actions have been.


Luke A has made Yorkshire pudding and is watching them in the oven. He removes the finished product and Ashleigh smiles at the dish. “Looks good” she beams. Caroline is feeling unwell and comes to the diary room. “I keep thinking I’m going to throw up,” she mopes but tells Big Brother that she will “soldier on.” She mentions that because of the forthcoming nominations she may need to pull her weight. “I may move a plate across the table or something,” she quips.

Ashleigh and Shievonne are in the garden. “I think my time (in here) is coming to an end,” Shievonne muses but Ashleigh disagrees. Shievonne mentions that she has seen a different side to Adam and says that, “Every move he makes is annoying!” The both agree that Adam is a nice guy but can act “childish,” at times. Ashleigh tells her that their fellow housemates are now “clocking on to it.”


Lauren is frying some black pudding and invites Shievonne to have a taste. Adam says that he has never heard of the dish as Shievonne goes to empty her mouth. Lydia is in the diary room talking about Shievonne. She tells Big Brother that her housemate has a “split personality” and thinks that Shievonne may be “panicking.” Lydia says that Shievonne referred to life in the house as “snakes on a plane.” Big Brother asked Lydia which housemates she would consider as snakes. “Shievonne and Conor,” she exclaims. “I’m the underdog, and I’ll not let them have the joy of seeing me walk out of here,” Lydia states and adds: “I’ll never be friends with her on the outside.”

Ashleigh and Arron are having a chat about Sara. “I think she’s beautiful,” Arron says. Ashleigh reveals that Lauren may like Arron but he feels pressured by the situation. He mentions that Lauren gets “flirty” after a drink which he doesn’t like. Caroline still has Adam on her mind and says that he “objectifies women.” Scott mentions that he still finds Rebecca “annoying.”


Housemates have been gathered on the sofa to take part in the Confusing Cuisine task. Ashleigh is first up and faces a bowl of dog biscuits. She tells housemates the biscuits are “nice” as Big Brother reveals that they are handmade cookies. Deana has chosen a cake, which turns out to be tinned ham and hot sauce. She coughs splutters and spits most of the cake out. “Oh for f**k sake Deana, eat it!” shouts Conor. Deana is gagging on the ‘cake’ and Arron yells “It’s time for your Oscar, the cameras are rolling!” Deana ends her part of the task and argues with Conor and Arron following their angry comments. All of the housemates complete the task. Later the diary room Lydia tells Big Brother that Deana could have “tried harder,” during the task.


It has been 8 minutes since the end of the task. Lydia is in the bathroom praising Rebecca’s efforts. Conor is in the bathroom throwing up while Lauren rubs his back. “You’re a trouper,” she tells him. Caroline tells housemates that Deana thought she could “get away with her stupid reaction.” Deana is alone in the kitchen and whispers, “Horrible people,” to herself.


Today housemates have had to eat their way through the task. Housemates have been gathered on the sofa. Big Brother announces that with the exception of Deana, all of the housemates completed the task to Big Brother’s satisfaction. Big Brother instructs the housemates to choose which housemate deserves a special prize for their part in the task. Housemates choose Rebecca and Conor, then, following a show of hands Conor is chosen as the overall winner. As a reward, Big Brother announces that Conor will have sole responsibility for the shopping budget. Conor is visibly disappointed and tells housemates that he doesn’t want to do the shopping on his own. Arron stomps in to the garden and exclaims “f**king bull***t!” before throwing something over the wall. Some of the housemates are in the living area discussing the recent events. In the garden Arron implied that Deana is to blame for what he thinks is an unreasonable reward for passing the task. “Stupid b****h, keep that girl away from me!” he spits.

Luke A is giving Deana a pep-talk and tells her, “You did the best you could do.” Deana says that she is concerned that everyone blames her. “Leave it, for the sake of an argument”, he urges. Lydia joins the group of housemate who are talking about Deana. “It’s about doing it for everyone,” she adds. Meanwhile in the garden, Shievonne tells Deana that there is already “tension” in the house. “I won’t rise to it,” Deana muses.


Lydia, Adam and Deana are missing ex-housemate Benedict. Lydia says that he would have “put his foot down,” and stopped all the unrest amongst the housemates. Deana mentions that she feels she is being “bullied,” and Lydia says that she has no-one to “bounce off,” in the house.


Arron is talking to Sara about life as a model. He asks her if she has ever dated a model and she says that she hasn’t. Arron tells her that he also has yet to date a model and says “I think that’s why they’ve put us both in here,” Arron smiles. Rebecca, Lauren and Luke A are by the pool, discussing the tension in the house. Rebecca says there are very few people who are “true” in the house. Luke A tells them that it may be easier to be in the “cool group,” but would not want to be “someone I’m not.” Deana is in the diary room, she tells Big Brother she is upset because she hates beef. Big Brother tells her that it was ham. Sara and Ashleigh go to the garden sofas and quietly discuss Arron. “He likes you,” Ashleigh grins and relays a conversation she had with Arron where he confessed that he did not have feelings for Lauren. Sara says that she found Arron “annoying” in the first few weeks.


Caroline is on a mission to cause mischief and accuses Deana of leaving her leg-hair on the dining table. Deana smirks and retorts, “I think it’s one of your pubes.”
Some of the housemates are at the living room table talking about Deana’s epilator. Conor is also at the table and chants into a hairbrush, “Get your epilator and stick it up your a*se. We don’t give a f**k! Stick it up her f**king m*nge stupid b**tard.” He continues: “I’m gonna play loads of pranks on her. F**king piece of s**t, I don’t give a f**k if I’m pulled up to the diary room.” Ashleigh ask him what he would do if Deana threw water all over him. Conor says that he would “punch” her.


Big Brother calls Conor to the diary room. He is reminded of the rules about language and behaviour in the Big Brother house. “It’s just anger,” he replies. Big Brother asks if he understands how serious this is and he says ‘yes 100%,’ while hanging his head.

Lydia and Adam are having a gossip about some of their fellow housemates. Adam laughs that some of them are talking about “Made in Essex (sic).” Lydia mentions that Arron has been “cracking onto Sara cos his friend is in a relationship.” Conor exits the diary room and joins some of the housemates in the living area. Deana is within earshot. Luke S asks him about his visit to the diary room and he tells them that he said “something stupid,” and was spoken to about it. “It was really bad, just pure anger,” he shrugs.


Caroline and Rebecca hide Deana’s epilator in the fruit bowl, as a prank.
Deana, Lydia and Luke A are in the garden. “We should fail the (next) task on purpose,” giggles Luke A. Arron and Conor are in the bathroom talking about Deana. “She should have sorted her head out for the team,” Arron moans adding “f**king irritating b***h!” In the garden, Deana tells housemates that Conor was called into the diary room for saying something bad. She questions Adam asking “You’re a friend of Conors, why does he hate me?” Adam tells her that some of the housemates have branded her “miserable.” Arron and Conor continue their rant in the bathroom. “Too many people are in here for the wrong reason, they’ve come in her to be irritating p***ks!” Arron exclaims. He says that Lydia does things “on purpose,” and says that he would love to tell Deana some of the things that Lydia has said about her.


Big Brother has called Arron to the diary room. He says that he has been “annoyed” by “pathetic” people in the house. He says that he has “no sympathy” for Lydia or Deana” and mentions that people should think about the “team” a bit more during tasks. Big Brother asks him how he would feel is he didn’t have any friends in the house. He acknowledges he wouldn’t like it, and says that he is a “nice guy” but can only take so much.

Deana, Adam, Luke A and Lauren are reflecting on the day. “I’ll redeem myself of the situation” Deana laughs as Luke A jokes, “I’ve never seen someone puke so much,” referring to the task. Adam sits astride Deana and gives her a big hug. When he is finished Luke A asks her if it was good. Deana waves her hand across her throat and they all laugh.

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