Big Brother 2012 – Day 2 – Luke Anderson’s secret is out and Lydia takes offence!

Big Brother 2012 – Day 2 – Luke Anderson’s secret is out and Lydia takes offence!

It’s been 24 hours since the 16 housemates entered the Big Brother house; Luke A’s secret is out and Lydia takes offence!

The 16 new housemates are getting ready for their first full day in the house. Luke A is talking to Sara about telling the other housemates his secret and says that he must “take the bull by the horns.” Sara offers her support.

In the bedroom Lydia asks her housemates, “What do we wear for the first day?”

Luke A enters the diary room and admits: “I’m feeling really good but paranoid that people might think something about me that’s not the norm.” He tells Big Brother that he will be honest with his housemates and decided that he would tell his fellow housemates that he was born female, when he woke up. He says that all he wants is to be honest and not have to lie about his scars or be ashamed about who he is. “I am who I am,” he adds.

Conor, Arron and Luke A are in the garden. The all admit that they suspected that there would be nominations as soon as they entered the house.

Lydia goes to the diary room to talk to Big Brother. She says she would have rather not have been nominated, “I forgave her (Deana) and moved on. When people get to know me they will absolutely love me,” she says. Lydia also said she wants to talk more to Ashleigh, Scott, Conor and Sara.

In the garden, Arron, Benedict, Deana and Luke S are working hard on their fitness regimes, and some of the guys show off their ripped bodies. Chris joking shouts, “This is too much!”

Arron practices martial arts. Karate expert Lauren says he’s showing-off in front of the mirror. Arron comments, “I like my reflection!”

Luke A decides to tell Caroline and Lydia about his secret. Lydia remarks, “So brave.”

Still in the garden, Luke A opens up to Adam and Chris about the fact that he was born female and “went to school as Laura.” Adam tries to get his head around this by asking questions and comes to the conclusion, “Crazy!”

Caroline and Scott bond whilst sharing an apple at the dining table.

Benedict talks to some of the housemates about his stripping and porn background. He says that he is ‘mates’ with some of the people he acts with. Ashleigh is amazed, “Oh my god! That’s f**king amazing! I bet you’ve got a well big c**k?!”

In the diary room, Big Brother has set Shievonne a task in order to win a party for her fellow housemates. She has to impersonate each housemate in turn and is unaware that Big Brother has gathered her fellow housemates on the sofa to watch on the plasma screen and guess who she is mimicking. Big Brother instructs the housemates to stand up when they recognise an impersonation of themselves.

Before Shievonne starts her impressions she announces that Deana, Chris and Luke S have all made a good impression on her so far. She tells Big Brother that she will do her best with the task.

The first housemate she impersonates is Chris, followed by Sara, Caroline, Deana, Conor, Victoria, Luke A, Luke S, Lauren, Arron, Scott, Ashleigh, Benedict, Lydia and Adam.

Big Brother tells Shievonne that she successfully completed the task and that the housemates had been watching her and have guessed all 15 impressions correctly. “Sneaky Big Brother!” she quips. Lydia is the only housemate to get upset with the impression of her, when Shievonne says sarcastically ‘I’m not here for fame’ and pretends to name drop. On leaving the diary room, Shievonne’s success was applauded by her housemates.

A triumphant Shievonne is in the bedroom with some of her housemates. Lydia looks upset. Outside of the bedroom Lydia cries to Deana and confides, “I tried to be nice to everyone. I literally give up.” She continues, “When did I say I’m here for the fame?” Deana tries to calm her down adding, “You’re getting yourself upset.” “I have a famous fiancé. I gave up my bed for her (Shievonne),” Lydia cries then walks off and says to herself, “Suck it up.”

Love talk is sweeping through the Big Brother house. Essex girl Ashleigh, Caroline and Conor talk about possible love matches. Irishman Conor has a feeling that ‘Luke S is after Lauren’, Caroline thinks Deana and Benedict would be a good love match, and Ashleigh thinks that Benedict and Victoria would be suited. Some of the housemates are in the bedroom. Scott reveals that he would like to be with Brian Dowling. Deana says she thinks Simon Cowell is “perfect” and Victoria adds that she has met Hugh Hefner.

Nominated Lydia and housemate Shievonne go to the bathroom to talk. Lydia starts crying and admits that she was upset about the impression of her. Lydia reveals that she has a famous fiance but hasn’t told anyone and hasn’t brought in any photos of him into the house in order to not draw attention to their relationship. She explains why she found Shievonne’s impression hurtful and Shievonne apologies. The two girls leave on good terms.

Luke S is in the diary room revealing who his favorite female housemates are. He says he likes Deana, Shievonne and Sara. He thinks Shievonne is like a sister figure, and thinks Sara is intimidating when she has her heels on but very pretty.

In the garden, Benedict admits to some of his housemates that he does get a bit nervous when he works as an escort. The teacher turned stripper continues, “My clients are often boyfriends and husbands who pay me to go out with their girlfriends or wives. I offer a service; they have to be happy with it.” Arron is intrigued but wouldn’t want to be an escort.

In the garden, Luke A speaks to Scott and Shievonne about his secret. Shievonne tells Luke A, “You’re bloody handsome.”

Adam is in the kitchen with Luke S where he opens up about his past. He talks about what his mum went through when he was in jail and says, “Every consequence I went through she had to pay for too.”

Scott talks to Big Brother in the diary room and shares his opinions about the housemates. “90% I love them.” He goes onto say that Victoria is an enigmatic one and that Chris goes on with his long stories and wants to talk to him more.
He concludes with, “I have an open mind, go with it and get on.”

As a reward for passing today’s task, Big Brother lays on an impressive spread and plays music throughout the house. The housemates get into the party mood; dance-offs start and Lauren somersaults through the living area.

Victoria confides in Benedict that she hasn’t been out with young people since her 20s.

Funny guy Chris, gets some of the housemates to line up so he can teach them the dance routine to the Migraine Skank dance. Everyone is having fun.

Luke A chats to Benedict and Victoria about his secret and says he ‘wants everyone to know’ but that he’s left the younger guys till last as he’s more worried about revealing the truth to them.

Deana isn’t feeling too good so goes to talk to Big Brother in the diary room. She feels better and leaves.

Chris talks to some of the housemates about Arron in the garden as he thinks he’s a liar. High voiced Chris thinks that the model/fighter is chatting sh*t about being a fighter, and says, “He’s playing the game in the house.”

Transgender Luke A talks to Chris and Lauren about his secret in the garden. Chris asks Luke A many questions and he confirms he has had reassignment surgery. Chris says, “You have a manlier voice than me!”

Arron, Luke S and Conor are now the only housemates left in the house that Luke A hasn’t spoken to about his past as he’s worried about telling them.

In the living area, Luke S and Arron are discussing older women. Arron admits that he has dated 38-45 year old women and that he has better conversations with older women, but wouldn’t settle down with someone older than him. Arron adds, “Victoria would know what to do.”

Meanwhile in the bedroom, Deana tells Lauren, Sara, Lydia and Shievonne that she doesn’t think she has any friends in the house. They all disagree with her, and Shievonne says, “You don’t need to shine on day 2!” Deana is happier and tells the girls that they should stick together.

It’s been a long day in the Big Brother house and the housemates head to bed, except for Luke A who opens up to Big Brother in the diary room. “Everyone was fantastic and understanding. I finally feel part of society; not to be judged feels refreshing.” He sums up with, “This has massively changed my life.”

Posted on Thursday 7 June 2012
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