Big Brother 2012 – Day 19 – Ashleigh Hughes 21st birthday, Chairs removed from the house

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Monday 25 June 2012
Big Brother 2012 – Day 19 – Ashleigh Hughes 21st birthday, Chairs removed from the house

Recap of day 19 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Sunday 24 June 2012.


Last night Benedict was evicted from the Big Brother house. As a result of Benedict taking a chair with him, Big Brother punishes the remaining housemates by removing every single chair in the house. Some of the housemates go to the diary room to vent their views. Lydia says, ‘The punishment reflects what he did. I understand.’


It’s Ashleigh’s 21st birthday today, Adam asks her did she have birthday sex with Luke S last night. She replies, ‘No I didn’t do nothing. Just a bit of fun.’

Ashleigh goes to chat to Sara and Shievonne about Luke S. Ashleigh denies they had sex but had a ‘bit of fun’. She adds, ‘I can see us having a relationship on the outside.’


With no chairs in the house, some of the housemates are lazing around, except for Conor and Arron who are wrestling in the living area. Conor wins the wrestle, and Arron says that Conor is a strong man.


Big Brother reveals to Ashleigh that she will receive two birthday parties tonight. She is asked to choose two best friends who will each organise a party. She picks Conor and Shievonne to host the parties.

Conor and Shievonne are then called into the diary room and told about their task to each organise a rival birthday party for Ashleigh. Conor picks a rock theme with a magician that will take place in the living area, and Shievonne chooses an Egyptian theme with a belly dancer that will take place in the large task room. They are told that none of the housemates must discover that the two parties are in competition. Unbeknownst to Birthday girl Ashleigh she will later have to decide which party is the best. The losing party will be shut down and all housemates at that party will be sent to bed. The winning party will continue into the night.

Conor and Shievonne then leave the diary room and explain to the rest of the house that two parties will be taking place in the house later and they are the hosts. They also pass on a make-up case full of beauty products to give to Ashleigh from Big Brother. She is very excited and can’t wait for the parties.


In the garden, Conor is putting Adam and Luke A through their paces. He makes them do circuit training which involves running round the garden and press ups.

Newly brunette Ashleigh and Shievonne watch the guys work out from the living area and start laughing at Adam’s running. Ashleigh says to Shievonne, ‘Conor will never go up (for nomination).’ Adam asks Conor, ‘Tell the girls not to laugh at my titties!’


Caroline and Scott are working out in the garden. Scott tells Caroline that when he was younger he used to pretend he was a King and his sister a servant. Caroline laughs.

Lydia is in the diary room telling Big Brother, ‘I’ve lost my best friend Benedict. I want to keep myself to myself and I don’t trust talking to anyone.’ The dancer concludes, ‘I’m not looking forward to a party when my closest friends aren’t there.’


Big Brother gathers the housemates in the living area for an announcement and reminds them that talking about nominations is forbidden. Big Brother reveals to the group that Ashleigh and Shievonne were heard discussing nominations and had stated that Conor doesn’t ‘feel’ Lydia and Deana, and that he would never go up for nominations. As a consequence the hot water is turned off again until further notice.

Lydia goes to the bathroom and talks to herself, ‘Not bothered.’

Ashleigh and Shievonne are talking to the girls in the bedroom about what they had said. Lydia walks through and states that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Shievonne objects to Lydia’s tone and they start arguing.


Shievonne tells Deana that she doesn’t want to be shouted at by Lydia.

Lydia is alone and upset in the garden. She then approaches Conor to ask him if it’s true that he doesn’t ‘feel’ her. Conor confirms it is true. Lydia tries to reassure him that the only reason the crowd were chanting her and Deana’s name last eviction night was because of the argument they had. ‘Nothing shady is going on’ she says, ‘My issue is only with Deana in this house.’

Conor then goes into the bathroom to tell Arron what just happened. Arron says, ‘They are both f**king d**ks.’


The housemates are getting ready in the bedroom for tonight’s parties. A tutu clad Ashleigh is very excited and all housemates make an effort to dress-up.

The rival parties start, and the birthday girl runs between each party.
At Conor’s party, he and Luke S give Ashleigh the birthday bumps which she loves.


The parties are in full swing and it seems everyone is getting into the party spirit. Shievonne’s belly dancer entertains her guests and Conor’s magician amazes the housemates with tricks.

Ashleigh is then called into the diary room where Big Brother informs her she must choose the best party. She blurts, ‘This whole experience has been amazing for my 21st.’ The birthday girl announces that Conor’s party is the better party and should continue, meaning Shievonne’s party is closed down. The party host and her guests, Luke A and Lauren, are sent to the bedroom while Conor’s party welcomes more music and rave costumes.

Luke S and Conor surprise Ashleigh with a birthday cake. She blows out the candle, and also receives a special birthday card from her family which contains an audio birthday message. Ashleigh loves this.

Whilst the party continues, Lydia goes to the diary room and admits that she is worried about the outside chanting and admits, ‘What bothers me, is what people have heard on the outside is sealing my fate in the inside.’ She adds, ‘Some behaviour in here is disgusting.’ Stating that it is better to say things behind people’s backs, than to say it right to their faces.


The party is over and housemates are getting ready for bed. Ashleigh is in the diary room thanking Big Brother for tonight’s celebrations, ‘This is the best 21st I think I’m ever going to have. Thank you.’ She concludes with, ‘I do class myself as seeing him (Luke S). I really do like him. I hope we see each other on the outside.’

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