Big Brother 2012 – Day 13 – Benedict Garrett talks about masturbation, Prankster Arron Lowe strikes again

Big Brother 2012 – Day 13 – Benedict Garrett talks about masturbation, Prankster Arron Lowe strikes again
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Recap of day 13 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Monday 18 June 2012.

Caroline and Lauren are having an early morning swim. Caroline muses: “I’ve made a pact with myself today. I’m not going to talk about nominations” and admits that,“It was unnecessarily bitchy” yesterday.

Benedict has come to the diary room. He expresses his desire to talk to Caroline later today about her attitudes towards him “masturbating” in the shower. He tells Big Brother: that he has become “a voice for millions of people up and down this land,” adding: Who says I should be ashamed of masturbation? We need to change.” He orates, “Not only to be able to talk about these things but for the safety, health and lives of our young people.”

Arron is grilling Ashleigh and asks her: “Did you think you were going to come into the house to find love?” “No, though I did say that I was single and ready to mingle,” she replies. Caroline adds, “Have you found love?” and Ashleigh says that she hasn’t. “Have you found your Prince Charming?” questions Arron. “We’ll see,” Ashleigh replies.

Some of the housemates are talking about the models in the house. Conor and Arron agree that although Deana is a model, “As soon as she walked in the house she was an actress,” quips Conor. Arron adds: “When she knows the camera is rolling and it’s going to be aired, that’s when she’ like ‘ahhhhhh’.”
Rebecca comments: “The only crack in Deana is when she talks about being fat. I don’t want to hear it. I’m eighty times the size of her!”

Big Brother calls one housemate to the diary room and Arron is the first to go in. Inside, he finds a large golden fake bomb and wonders what it may be for. Big Brother tells Arron that the bomb has two layers; the gold layers bring good and the black layers bring bad. Housemates will have one minute to pass the bomb to a fellow housemate, they will each have to determine who they pass the punishment bomb to.

Arron passes the prize bomb to Conor. He wins a karaoke session with take away and plans to share his prize with Arron. Conor then passes the punishment bomb to Benedict who loses his right to nominate in this week’s nominations. Benedict passes the prize bomb to Luke A and he wins a visit to the candy shop. Luke A passes the punishment bomb to Sara who now has to become the house cleaner. Sara passes the prize bomb to Ashleigh and she wins a gym session with a housemate of her choice, she chooses Luke A. Ashleigh passes the punishment bomb to Adam who will have to wear giant hands until further notice. He then passes the prize bomb to Shievonne who wins a date night with a housemate of her choice and she chooses to reward Adam. Finally, Caroline announces that she will have the last punishment as other housemates seem less than keen about receiving the final punishment bomb. Shievonne passes Caroline the punishment bomb – she must eat a raw fish eye.

Caroline begins to cry as her fellow housemates attempt to cheer her on. After a few false starts Caroline puts the fish eye in her mouth. Gagging and crying she finally eats the fish eye as her housemates congratulate her success. Lauren says: “Caroline you are a hero!” In the diary room Adam proclaims “She handed it like a champ.”

Sara is called to the diary room where she finds a toothbrush on the diary room chair. Big Brother tells her that she must clean the bathroom using the toothbrush. Deana is in the bedroom with Lydia speculating about who took her missing chocolate. They conclude that Arron is the likely prime suspect. Arron enters the bedroom. Deana confronts him but Arron gets defensive before offering Deana his white chocolate. Lydia sheepishly tells Deana, “I know who it is.” Sara is in the bathroom cleaning. Conor and Arron stand at the bathroom door giggling as they watch her.

Ashleigh comes to the diary room and rants about Benedict cooking chickpeas. She tells Big Brother that smell of Benedict’s meal is “offensive.” She also says that Benedict has also fallen asleep and so the smell will continue to linger.

In the bedroom, Deana muses with Lydia about the fact that her epilator was found in Rebecca’s draw. “Whoever is doing it is a very good liar!” Deana states. Rebecca is unhappy that she would take the blame for the recent pranks. As Arron enters the bedroom Rebecca immediately confronts him about hiding the epilator and asks him whether he is guilty. Arron remains defiant and denies that he was involved.

Lauren and Arron are alone in the garden having a play fighting. Caroline, Scott and Ashleigh are in the bathroom talking about Benedict. Scott tells them, “We just clash a bit… he is like a sexual robot.” Ashleigh joins in the conversation and rants about the smell of Benedict’s cooking. Ashleigh gets even more agitated and rushes off to confront Benedict who is asleep on the sofa. Scott and Caroline follow. Ashleigh wakes Benedict and moans about the food smell and that fact that he has left the chickpeas on the side. He explains that his meal needs to rest and Ashleigh walks off. “Spoilt brat!” Benedict angrily huffs to himself.

Deana, Lydia and Scott are in the bedroom talking about Deana’s missing chocolate. Scott claims to know who it may be but refuses to say who until he is certain. Adam is called to the store room and collects his giant hands.

A fed-up Sara is called to the diary room. Big Brother tells her that she must clean the diary room chair. “I’ve been cleaning for hours… this isn’t normal. I hate this,” she exclaims.

Meanwhile, Lydia checks out Luke S as he prepares for his workout. “He has got a good body,” she comments. Ashleigh is training alongside a topless Luke S in the garden. Admiring him a little too much; she loses her concentration and falls off the running machine. Caught out by her fellow housemates, the housemates laugh at Ashleigh’s expense whilst a bewildered Luke S continues to work out.

In the bathroom Lydia is in the shower while talking to Arron who is also in the bathroom. She asks him whether he was the one that took Deana’s chocolate and put the epilator in Rebecca’s draw. Arron comes clean to Lydia and confesses. A clueless Deana comes to the diary room to speculate about who ate her chocolate and hid her belongings.

Benedict confronts Caroline and asks whether they would be able to have a talk later on in the day regarding his shower antics. Caroline says that she will talk to Benedict in front of her fellow housemates. Benedict begins: “I did something in the shower…,” but Caroline is quick to respond. “It’s making me feel uncomfortable,” she squeals. She begins to laugh nervously and a seemingly aggravated Benedict leaves the bedroom. Lauren turns to Caroline who is in a fit of giggles and says sternly: “You are twenty! You should be able to talk about these things.” Benedict returns to the bedroom and apologies to Caroline for his actions. Conor and fellow housemates encourage the pair to hug and they do.

Caroline and Benedict are talking in the kitchen. Caroline says: “It was really nice of you to confront me with it.” Benedict is pleased. Deana, Rebecca, Sara, Luke A and Ashleigh are talking about Benedict. Lydia tells Ashleigh that Lauren made comments to Caroline after her reaction to Benedict’s discussion. “I think I’ve changed my nominations,” quips Lydia.

Luke A and Lauren are in the garden talking about nominations. Luke A asks her who she is going to nominate. She admits that she will be nominating Deana. When asked why, Lauren tells Luke A that she thinks Deana is “fake” because she changes how she behaves in the house.

Conor and Arron are enjoying their karaoke party dressed in rock wigs and belting out tunes in the small task room. Meanwhile in the garden Deana turns to Benedict and says: “You are always going to be known as masturbation boy.” Benedict becomes defensive and says: “We don’t talk about it enough.” He tells his fellow housemates that all he wants to do is “represent an opinion.” Lydia presents distaste at his comment and says: “I feel like I’m a pawn in your game. I want to be friends with you, but I don’t want to be a part of your message.”

Luke A is called to the diary room for his prize visit to the candy shop.

Meanwhile in the bedroom, Benedict tells Lauren that housemates had been talking about her during the hip hop party. Lauren is evidently upset. “I can’t win” she moans. She probes Benedict to find out what has been said about her but Lydia interjects. She tells Lauren to concentrate on what friends she has in the house and not to worry about the other housemates. “I don’t give a s*** anymore, most of the time I walk around on my own,” Deana quips.

Ashleigh enters the bedroom and asks Lauren for a lighter. Lauren chucks the lighter hard and Ashleigh seems taken back. An upset and frustrated Lauren sighs before flopping face down on the bed.

Prankster Arron strikes again in the bedroom. In the kitchen Lauren confides in Caroline about feeling “left out.” In the bedroom Arron is squirting his fellow housemates with a water pistol. Fed up with Arron’s antics and his keeping the housemates awake, Deana chucks a glass of water over Arron as their fellow housemates gasp and laugh. A water fight between Arron and Deana follows and Deana is becoming increasingly irritated. In retaliation Arron squirts Deana with more water which also gets on Lydia’s bed. Lydia becomes irate at Arron and a row begins between her, Arron and Deana.