Big Brother 2012 – Day 11 – Caroline Wharram set Royal Deception task and Chris James is Evicted

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Saturday 16 June 2012
Big Brother 2012 – Day 11 – Caroline Wharram set Royal Deception task and Chris James is Evicted

Recap of day 11 in the Big Brother house; highlights show: Saturday 16 June 2012.

It’s day 11 and tonight either Arron or Chris will become the second housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house.


Commenting on the situation, Arron says: ‘Today is the day…it’s a good day for an eviction…I just hope it’s not me.’

Chris says to himself: ‘It’s judgement day.’

Luke A asks Arron what he will do if he gets evicted he replies “get ready to take over the world”.


Deana is in the Diary Room talking about that night’s eviction.

Deana comments: ‘I hope Arron goes because if he stays I’ll be up for nomination next week because all the boys will vote against me and I get along better with Chris than with Arron, so I’m hoping Chris stays.’

Chris is getting closer to Benedict and popping his spots.

Chris says excitedly: ‘Wow, I’m going to have a field day.’

Benedict seems a bit anxious: ‘Have I really got that many spots?’

Chris says: ‘Yeah, you’ve got loads…this one’s going to be a shooter…there’s a hair coming out of this f***er.’

Lauren and Arron are in the bathroom, talking.

Arron enquires: ‘What’s it like in Jersey? Is it just sort of English weather or is it further south where it’s a bit warmer?’

Lauren replies: ‘It’s further south, we’re 14 miles from France…I imagine it to be sunny now, I can imagine my mum and my sister and everyone on the beach, surfing, barbecues

Arron gets excited: ‘Surfing! Please can I come and visit?’

Lauren says: ‘Yeah.’


Caroline has been called to the Diary Room.

Big Brother asks Caroline how posh she thinks she is.

A shocked Caroline responds: ‘I’m not posh at all, not in any shape or form, like not at all.’

Big Brother sets Caroline a secret mission. She has to confide in two housemates and tell them that she is related to the Royal Family, and that her full title is The Honourable Caroline Rose Wharum, daughter of the Duke of Carnarvon.

Caroline thinks that: ‘This is ridiculous, I’m like the least posh person in the history of the world.’

If Big Brother is satisfied that the two housemates she chooses totally believe her then she’ll win cream tea for herself and the two housemates she picked.

Caroline considers the task at hand: ‘Okay, I’m going to have to select the two most gullible housemates…Sara, oh my god, Sara, yes, yes, and Lauren maybe, it would be so lovely to treat her to high tea as well…okay, I can do this.’

Caroline sets about her secret task and turns on the waterworks. Seeing her upset, Sara takes her to the bathroom to talk.

Caroline talks to Sara : ‘I don’t want to broadcast it…every year there’s like a garden party, it’s today and part of the reason my parents didn’t want me to go in (to the Big Brother house) was because we have to go…okay, have you heard of the Duke of Carnarvon?’

Sara: ‘A-ha, yes.’

Caroline delivers her fib: ‘I’m actually The Honourable Caroline Rose Wharum …we go every year, to Buckingham Palace, and it’s now.’

A shocked Sara says: ‘Oh goodness Caroline, I promise I won’t say anything to anyone.’

Next it’s on to Lauren…

Caroline asks her: ‘Have you heard of the Duke of Carnarvon?’

Lauren: ‘No.’

Caroline tells her: ‘Basically, that’s my dad.’

She goes on to tell an awe-struck Lauren about the garden party at Buckingham Palace she should be at.


Chris and Shievonne are in the garden, Chris tells Shievonne that he’s going to do some push ups, she tells him that he needs to go hard or go home to which he replies “I am going home”.

Deana asks Adam if she can take her tensions out on him to which he obliges, she hits him with a cushion. Adam then goes to touch Lydia’s feet while she lies on the bed and she tells him to leave her feet alone. Lydia then tells Deana she doesn’t want him touching her and that he should go bother someone else.


Adam is in the garden with Luke S, Arron and Conor, he tells them he had to do a boot camp when he was on probation, he’s tells them how hard it was.

Lydia and Deana are in the bedroom, Deana says she find everyone’s conversations boring. Lydia moved the subject onto Lauren, she says there is a lot of fakery in the house and that she’s forcing the other girls to be friends with her. She also says Becky is nice but it’s just because of the nominations.

Adam and the boys go through a boot camp practice; Adam shows them what it’s like by shouting in their faces. Luke S says he could never do military training.


Deana talks to Ashleigh how to have her hair and how to behave like a lady.

Caroline, Sara and Lauren are called to the diary room. They are told that Caroline’s trickery was a task and that they have won the task. The girls go into the small task room for some afternoon tea. They are very excited and they sing God Save the Queen before they sit down to eat.

Ashleigh and Luke S get flirtatious and kiss on the bed.

Caroline says this is the best high tea ever and they toast the Queen.


Chris and Arron are preparing to go head-to-head in an epic clash.

Arron says: ‘I wanna be a part of this show right till the very end, clearly I came in it to win it so I’m excited and nervous to see what the public are thinking about me.’

Chris comments: ‘I don’t want it to end, I’m having such a good time, I want to be here longer.’

It’s time for the eviction and second to leave the Big Brother house is Chris.

Lydia says: ‘He (Chris) didn’t really do anything wrong, he had a good heart, he was a big character…he’ll be missed.’

An emotional Shievonne is in the Diary Room: ‘As of now I’m extremely upset because Chris has gone.’

A happy Arron says: ‘I’m buzzing.’

Becky tells Big Brother about Chris leaving: ‘I could have eaten 12 Big Macs in 20-seconds for the amount of happiness that was going through my head.’

Adam says: ‘He (Chris) was the lesser of the two evils.’


Lauren and Arron are in the kitchen.

Lauren says to Arron: ‘I’m looking out for ya babes, I’m so happy for you, congrats.’

She then jokingly adds: ‘You might be a little shit-face but I love ya!’

Over in the living area, Adam asks Lydia if they’re cool.

She explains that she doesn’t like some of his comments and that she’s not comfortable talking about certain things because she: ‘Sees herself as a lady.’

Lydia also tells Adam that her fiancé won’t be friends with him outside of the house if he keeps saying comments like he has been doing.


Lauren and Shievonne are in the bedroom feeling sentimental about Chris.

Lydia says to Shievonne: ‘We saw the best in him.’

Shievonne tells Lauren: ‘I’m sleeping with is pillow tonight, you can have it tomorrow.’

Lauren asks if she can have one more sniff of it first.

Lydia is in the diary room talking about Adam, she said she wants to be friends with him but she can’t be friends with someone who makes sexual comments.

Scott and Deana are in the garden, Scott tells Deana that he loves Arron; she is shocked by this and asks why. Scott says it’s because he’s naughty and that he never meets guys that like him, Deana says she hasn’t found anyone either. She tells him not to waste his feelings on Arron.


Lauren asks Arron how it feels to still be in the house.

Arron says: ‘Really fresh, like I’ve got a new start.’

Ashleigh quizzes Benedict about Scott. Benedict says he wouldn’t go for Scott.


Ashleigh and Luke S are unwinding bedroom and she gives him a face massage.

Benedict, Lauren and Lydia are in pool talking about Ashleigh.

Lauren says: ‘I’d hate to be in Ashleigh’s position, she’s feeling pressurised by it and she told him (Luke S) the other day that she isn’t making it official because she’s got people on the outside she may want to get with.’

Lydia adds: ‘I just don’t see any chemistry.’

Benedict agrees: ‘None whatsoever.’

Conor joins. Benedict recounts the earlier conversation in which Ashleigh asked if he would fancy Scott. Benedict denies that he is bisexual, saying instead that he is ‘a human being’ he does not want to be labelled.


Arron is in the Diary Room.

Arron says: ‘This place is going to be fun, I’m looking forward to it, I can’t wait till tomorrow.’

Becky and Lauren are talking about the next nominations and both say they are stuck with who they’re going to vote for.

Lauren says: ‘If I’m honest, I think she (Deana) will be up this week.’

Lydia, Adam and Benedict are also discussing nominations and mention that Sara may be someone they vote for.

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