Big Brother 2011: Louise and Faye up for Eviction

Louise Cliffe and Faye Palmer will face this week’s public vote.

Earlier this evening housemates were asked to dress up in Halloween outfits and sit in electric chairs in the garden.

Housemates then had to take it in turns to nominate face to face. Each time a housemate was nominated they received an electric shock, delivered by Big Brother’s creepy assistant Igor.

The housemates decided to hatch a plan to influence the outcome so that each housemate would receive two nominations each and therefore all of them would face the public vote. But it didn’t work out that way as Aaron decided to nominate who he saw fit.

Tom nominated Jay & Louise
Faye nominated Alex & Louise
Alex nominated Jay & Faye
Jay nominated Aaron & Faye
Aaron nominated Louise & Tom
Louise nominated Aaron & Faye

As a result, Faye and Louise will face the public vote in the last eviction battle of the series.

Louise quickly became teary-eyed, as it’s her first week being up for the public vote. “At the end of the day you’re meant to go,” she told Tom. “You gotta be up at some stage.”

The final takes place on Friday 11th November 2011.

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