BBC Withdraws Bleakley Offer

Posted on Sunday 20th June 2010 by Johnnie Larkin

The BBC has withdrawn an offer to The One Show’s Christine Bleakley.

Bleakley, who has always made it clear she would like to work with Chiles again, recently said she was “torn” between the BBC and ITV.

The BBC said: “Christine is still unable to make a decision and therefore we have regretfully withdrawn our offer as we have to put the interests of The One Show audience first and the current uncertainty does not allow us to do that”.

The BBC made it clear to Bleakley that it would not be entering into a bidding war with other channels.

Bleakley’s former co-presenter, Adrian Chiles left The One Show in April and joined ITV fronting its World Cup coverage. Chiles will take the leading role in presenting ITV’s Breakfast show from September.