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Rod Trongard on the AWA

Rodney Douglas Trongard – born February 16, 1933 – was a Minnesota-based sports broadcaster on both radio and television in the Minneapolis-St.

Trongard was a commentator for the American Wrestling Association (AWA) professional wrestling promotion throughout the 1980s, calling matches involving the likes of Hulk Hogan, Nick Bockwinkel, Bobby Heenan, Verne Gagne, The Road Warriors, Shawn Michaels and many others.

Trongard’s voice was featured on the AWA’s weekly ESPN broadcasts, reaching millions of homes around the world.

His signature phrase was “From coast to coast, continent to continent, and border to border”.

During broadcasts, he often included city names in the phrase, signifying the broad reach of wrestling and the AWA’s broadcasts at the time.

Trongard called matches alongside fellow commentators Lord James Blears and Lee Marshall.

Trongard left the AWA in 1988 for a brief stint in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), before retiring from the wrestling scene in early 1989.

While in the WWF, he performed commentary alongside Superstar Billy Graham, Lord Alfred Hayes, Hillbilly Jim and Sean Mooney.

As a wrestling announcer, Trongard generally favoured the fan favourite wrestlers.

Rod passed away on July 16, 2005.

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