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Reisor Bowden on Mid South Wrestling

Reisor Bowden – born 18 Dec 1926 – was a ring announcer for Mid-South Wrestling.

He began his career in media as an announcer for KRMD shortly after graduating high school in 1943.

After returning from service he began his career in broadcasting anew and worked as a staffer for Channel 3.

He would wind up serving as a ring announcer for the Mid-South Wrestling Promotion before retiring in 1985.

He passed away on 2nd Apr 2001.

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Joel Watts on Mid South Wrestling

Joel Watts was a wrestling announcer for Mid-South Wrestling. He worked his way up through the ranks working as a referee, a color commentator, and later producing vignettes or segments for both the live and televised events.

Boyd Pierce on Mid South Wrestling

Boyd Pierce was a ring announcer and commentator for the World Class Wrestling Association & Mid-South Wrestling. He passed away in May 1999.

Cowboy Bill Watts on Mid South Wrestling

William F. Watts Jr – born May 5, 1939 – is a retired professional wrestler and promoter. Watts garnered fame under his “Cowboy” gimmick in his wrestling career, and then as a promoter in the Mid-South United States, which grew...