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Laurence Paul Fox – born 1978 – is a actor and former presenter at GB News.

A member of the entertainment industry’s Fox family, he graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and debuted in the film The Hole (2001).

His best known role is James Hathaway in the drama series Lewis (2006–2015).

He has also released a studio album titled Holding Patterns (2016).

A conservative, Fox publicly spoke out against the George Floyd protests and COVID-19 vaccines in 2020.

After founding the right-wing populist political party Reclaim, he stood unsuccessfully in the 2021 London mayoral election in opposition to what he deemed “extreme political correctness”.

He gained 1.9% of the vote, thus losing his election deposit.

Fox was sacked by GB News in October 2023 after making sexist comments about journalist Ava Evans.

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