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Noel Phillips

Noel Phillips is North America Correspondent at ITV Good Morning Britain. Noel joined the programme in February 2021, after nearly two years at Sky News. He joined the BBC in 2023, where he edit and produced radio and TV packages at BBC Midlands Today and BBC West Midlands. From January 2018 to June 2019, Noel...

Richard Quest CNNi Presenter

Richard Austin Quest – born 9 March 1962 – is a news presenter for CNN International. He is also an editor-at-large of CNN Business. He presents Quest Means Business, the five-times-weekly business program and fronts the CNN shows Business Traveller, The Express and Quest’s World of Wonder. Quest is a native of Liverpool, Lancashire. Quest...

Jennie Bond

Jennifer Bond – born 19 August 1950 – is a journalist and television presenter. In 1977, Bond moved to BBC radio, producing and editing. She was also a producer on Woman’s Hour, Tuesday Call, International Assignment and for various television documentaries. In 1985, Bond became a radio news reporter and in 1988 she began to...