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Kevin Ray and Ann Meyers Drysdale

Ann Meyers Drysdale – born Ann Elizabeth Meyers; March 26, 1955 – is a former basketball player and sportscaster.

She was a standout player in high school, college, the Olympic Games, international tournaments, and the professional levels.

Meyers was the first player to be part of the U.S. national team while still in high school.

She was the first woman to be signed to a four-year athletic scholarship for college, at UCLA. She was also the first woman to sign a contract with a National Basketball Association team, the Indiana Pacers (1979), for $50,000.

She was president and general manager for the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury and a vice president for the NBA’s Phoenix Suns.

She is currently a vice president for the Phoenix Mercury and a color analyst for the Phoenix Suns television broadcasts.

For over 26 years, she served as a network television sports analyst for TNT, ESPN, CBS, and NBC.

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Kevin Ray and Ann Meyers Drysdale

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