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ITV and Christine Talbot today announced she is to leave Calendar at the end of June. Christine started her career

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John Shires and Gaynor Barnes will leave ITV News Calendar on Friday (26th March). The duo have been on television

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Former news presenter Marylyn Webb has died at the age of 66 at her home in Lincolnshire. Marylyn was one

Mike Morris TV am

Former TV-am presenter Mike Morris has died at the age of 66. Moustached Morris was the main host of the

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ITV Calendar news have launched their facebook page which will allow viewers to interact in a new way. It allows

ITV Yorkshire presented its last sub-regional evening bulletins tonight. The new service, which covers the whole of the Yorkshire region

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ITV Calendar opened with a special ident tonight. Anglia did the same thing last month after the conviction of serial